Special Package

Culture Package

Experience firsthand the beauty of nature and the richness of Bali’s authentic Hinduism culture. Be part of the cultural exploration where you will be taken closer to the side of the island that is rarely exposed. You will be guided to make the traditional offering called ‘Canang’ the way locals do it every day as part of their life. Dressed in Balinese traditional costume, your Balinese life journey continues when you proceed to th Okawatia temple bringing your canang to pray. The experience continued with a full day tour to Balinese historical places with designated driver. A 60 minutes Balinese massage at theTigaa Spa will mark your Balinese life to end. (For your information, women who get in period not allowed enter in the temple) Inclussion :

2 nights stay

Balinese Making Offering “Canang”

Pray at Okawati Temple. Balinese Dress

Full day tour in historical Balinese place.

1x 60 minutes Balinese Massage at Tiga Spa


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